The first of its kind in Lovina, the café pioneers a new concept in the neighbourhood, and is destined to become a north coast classic serving the best coffee in town. The menu offers a palate-pleasing range of Asian dishes, including Thai specialties, the signature Lovina salad, and Indonesia’s famous oxtail soup, known as ‘sop buntut’. Beer and wine is available, while a top-of-the-range coffee machine delivers everybody’s choice from espressos and long blacks to cappuccinos, lattes and flat whites.

This welcoming bright and airy space with its nostalgic ambience, features large windows on both sides and is furnished with circular tea tables and chairs, as well as a long banquet table under a high roof dripping with hanging Edison light bulbs. A striking feature is the bright and colourful marine-life mural, hand-painted on the main wall. Showcasing tropical fish, an octopus, seahorses, jellyfish, shells and starfish, as well as the dolphins for which Lovina has become so famous, it is certain to become an Instagram icon. Guests can spill outside into a Mediterranean-style pebble-floored garden furnished with tables, chairs and a picnic table, dotted with pagoda-shaped ketapang kencana trees, and embellished with plant pots and Balinese statues. Centrepiece is a terracotta ‘candi’ fountain – a replica from the Majapahit era, while the outside walls are decorated with a pair of ornate Torajan house panels from Sulawesi.